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A Little About Me

The Muli-hyphenated Middleachiever


Alex Arlotta (Me) is a composer, actor, singer, orchestrator, and instrumentalist from NY. From onstage to offstage, Alex has worked with venues such as: White Plains Performing Arts Center, Broadway Workshop, Midtown International Theatre Festival, (and most recently during his undergrad) CAP21. With works yet to be presented outside of his bedroom or the classroom, Alex recently wrote a musical titled “…And They Were Silent” with his cohorts at CAP21 which was performed at the aforementioned school. His individual works, as well as an upcoming album “Gotta Start Somewhere” (or maybe a title change) is to be released in the upcoming Fall or Spring. In the meantime, Alex is pursing an MA at Berklee NYC, with the hopes of becoming a fashion model....I mean…writer.

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Fast Facts!

Something for trivia night

Just graduated! Sort of…

After 4 years of online and offline schooling, I graduated with a BFA in Theatre Arts from CAP21/Molloy University. So…where does the “sort of” take place? Well…I am now pursing an MA from Berklee in NYC in Writing and Design for Musical Theatre. Wish me luck!

Brick By Brick

One could call it an obsession, one could sign me up for “Hoarders” on A&E, or one could simply think that owning a ton of legos is totally ok!

Voices Galore

Yes, it’s also on the resume, but I do love to do voices. Some of my absolute favorites are: Kermit the Frog, Rick and Morty, Josh Groban (like kermit but singing), Chewbacca, and Yoda (to name a few).

Say “Aaaaaah”

You’ve come across an individual with perfect pitch. Yes, I can tell you that your iPhone text notification is a C6, no I don’t have telekinesis. But it’s fun at parties, I assume…..just waiting to go to one…

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Dr. Emmett Brown

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."

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